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    Environmental protection air conditioning ventilation cooling system


    Wet curtain (water curtain) cooling system product introduction, characteristics, benefits and scope of application:

    I. product introduction

    Industrial negative pressure ventilator + wet curtain = negative pressure cooling system, the water curtain ventilation cooling system USES the evaporation cooling principle of water to combine high-tech and direct evaporation refrigeration technology to develop a set of cooling, ventilation, dust removal energy saving and environmental protection in one of the ventilation equipment, has been widely used.


    Direct evaporative heat exchanger, the core component of energy-saving and environmental protection air conditioner, is a patented product from Sweden. Its characteristics are: good water absorption and ventilation performance, the actual heat transfer area is close to 100 times of the surface area; Firm texture, water - resistant without deformation; Corrosion resistance, normal service life can exceed 5 years, can achieve lower than the outside 4℃ - 10℃ cooling effect.

    The energy-saving and environmental friendly air conditioner is suitable for open and semi-open environment. It can directly transport natural air and cool air after cooling. Outdoor fresh air is filtered and cooled by energy saving and environmental protection air conditioner, and then it is continuously delivered to the indoor in large quantities. The indoor air with smell, dust and turggy and hot will be discharged out of the outdoor. At the same time, various effects such as ventilation, cooling and increasing oxygen content in the air will be taken into account.

    Ii. Performance characteristics of environmental protection air conditioning ventilation and cooling system

    1. Low investment and high efficiency.

    2. Low power consumption, only 1 degree per hour.

    3, cold air volume per hour up to 18,000 cubic meters, wind pressure, air far.

    4. Automatic electronic control and automatic cleaning function.

    5, the use of eight impeller airfoil type forward swept curved blades, low noise, high efficiency.

    6, adopt 100mm thick multi-layer wave fiber grain dimensional composite wet curtain, cooling capacity is particularly strong.

    7, ventilation, ventilation, dust, in addition to taste, cooling set in one.

    8. Increase oxygen content in the air and improve work efficiency.

    9. Natural air supply or optional post air supply.

    10. Humidity adjustment: humidity can be adjusted in some workplaces that need to increase humidity.

    Iii. Scope of application

    1. Textile, machinery, ceramics, fine chemical, metallurgy, glass, hardware, leather and other manufacturing industries;

    2, electroplating, electronics, shoes, printing and dyeing, plastics, clothing, printing, packaging, food and other processing industries;

    3. Hospital, waiting room, school, waiting room, supermarket, laundry room;

    4. Kitchen, vegetable market, large entertainment center, underground parking lot, station and other public places;

    5, greenhouse, flowers, poultry, livestock and other kinds of farms;

    6. Modification and installation of existing air-conditioner and blower equipment.

    7. For places requiring high humidity (such as textile, planting, etc.), part of the indoor installation can be adopted in the design.

    8. For places requiring low humidity and high cleanliness, please consider whether it is suitable for use.

    Iv. Machine selection

    (1) reference for The Times of air change on various occasions

    1. The general environment requires 25 to 30 air changes per hour.

    2. In crowded public places, the air exchange rate is required to be 30 ~ 40 times/hour.

    3. In the production workshop with heating equipment, the air exchange rate is required to be 40 ~ 50 times/hour.

    4. In the production workshop with high temperature and serious pollution, the air exchange rate is required to be 50 ~ 60 times/hour.

    5, in the humid southern areas should increase the number of air change, and the hot and dry northern areas can reduce the number of air change.

    (2) unit number calculation method

    Definition of air change times: air change times (times/hour)= indoor total air flow (cubic meters/hour)÷[indoor area (square meters)× indoor total height (meters)]

    V. some products

    1. Environmentally friendly air conditioning