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    Water curtain ventilation cooling system



    Wet curtain (water curtain) cooling system product introduction, characteristics, benefits and scope of application:

    I. product introduction

    Industrial negative pressure ventilator + wet curtain = negative pressure cooling system, the water curtain ventilation cooling system USES the evaporation cooling principle of water to combine high-tech and direct evaporation refrigeration technology to develop a set of cooling, ventilation, dust removal energy saving and environmental protection in one of the ventilation equipment, has been widely used.


    1, environmental protection products: it is no compressor, no refrigerant, pollution-free environmental protection products, and itself does not emit heat to the surrounding, it is the use of outdoor evaporation cooling principle of all fresh air cooling and convection ventilation with the indoor air to achieve the purpose of cooling.

    2, the cooling effect is obvious: water curtain air conditioning refrigeration quickly, generally 10 minutes after the boot can have an obvious effect, and the traditional air conditioning needs a long time. In the humid areas (such as southern areas), generally can achieve a significant cooling effect of about 8-12 degrees; In areas with particularly hot dry showers (such as local areas, the northwest), the cooling range can reach about 8-14 degrees.

    3, easy to maintain and install: the system is simple, easy to operate and manage, no need for professional maintenance personnel.

    4. Small one-time investment;

    5. Energy saving up to 89%;

    6, large air volume and can form negative pressure dust;

    7. Increase oxygen content in the air;

    8. Increase humidity to avoid drying.

    Ii. Product characteristics

    1. The indoor temperature of the workshop can be kept between 26-30℃ through the design and partial transformation of the workshop under any high temperature in summer, which is beyond the reach of any other ventilation and cooling equipment except the central air conditioning;

    2. In view of the situation of workshop dust and many suspended objects in space, this system can effectively remove dust, which is especially suitable for the textile industry;

    3. In view of the serious odor and poisonous gas in the production workshop caused by the widespread use of chemical solvents and chemical raw materials in industrial enterprises, this system can effectively eliminate the odor and poisonous gas harmful to human health, purify the workshop environment and provide fresh air;

    4. The system is assembled for easy maintenance;

    5. After professional training, the user can maintain by himself with low cost.

    Industrial plants, workshops and other cooling and ventilation projects

    Application scope:

    Industrial areas: textile, clothing, glass, rubber, printing, toys, electronics, food processing, laundry and other high temperature places;

    Civil areas: Internet cafes, supermarkets, canteens, waiting rooms and entertainment venues; Agricultural field: large-scale farms, greenhouses, greenhouses and livestock farms.

    1, such as clothing textile factory: because it can effectively remove cotton and dust in the air. The condition of itchy skin caused by the attachment of cotton wool to the human body has been completely improved.

    2, plastic injection molding factory of such plants due to machine high temperature even with the traditional ventilation cannot solve the problem of high temperature. But water type ventilation cooling system can keep the workshop temperature between 26 to 30 degrees, and the less the outdoor thermal cooling effect is more obvious. In addition, such as garment factories, shoe factories, following enterprise, printing and packaging plant, paper products factory, food factory, toy factory, hardware factory, furniture factory, chemical plant, electronics factory, tannery industry also has been gradually used, water poon cooling ventilation cooling equipment will become the mainstream of the workshop ventilation cooling system.

    4. Engineering cases