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    Negative pressure ventilator


    I. product introduction:

    Summer outdoor temperature of about 32 degrees to 36 degrees during the day, without a heat source factory building indoor temperature is about 37-41 degrees, as a result of the workshop sultry from poor ventilation, mechanical heat source, the sun, so our company according to the above three problem, use air convection, negative pressure ventilation cooling principle to design, use the development of negative pressure ventilation fan, installed in a poorly ventilated to, can be factory hot standing still, bad breath, lampblack, noxious gas emitted quickly in the shortest possible time, make indoor temperature is reduced to the same as the outdoor temperature, but can feel more cool than outdoor, After the use of negative pressure fan, the air can flow, the number of air change can reach [60~120] per hour, can create a smooth ventilation, fresh air, comfortable working environment for you, to improve the indoor heat, odor, black smoke, dirty gas and other problems, improve the overall work efficiency, let every worker more healthy.

    Ii. Main causes of sultry heat in the factory:

    · building pattern, height and orientation

    · building due to sunlight, heat absorption and heat conduction

    · the original ventilation equipment is not good, and the ventilation times are not enough

    · heat source is generated mechanically in the material workshop of the building structure itself

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